Wash-in Treatment

3 uses, 1 powerful formula

This triple action daily cleanser, mask and spot treatment features prescription strength microcrystal 8.5% benzoyl peroxide that purges pores of acne-causing bacteria and works for 24 hours.

Cleansers derived from coconut oil and omega fatty acids help minimize dryness. Formulated without sulfates and dyes.


    Acne treatment that works all day and night to keep you clear.

    • XOut ArrowPro Tip: Use 2x per day. Once in the morning and once at night for best results.
    Wash-in Treatment - Daily Cleanser
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  • MASK

    Your detox relief after a grueling week.

    • XOut ArrowPro Tip: Use directly after a workout for a deeper clean.
    Wash-in Treatment - Mask
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    Squash a stubborn or emergency breakout in a flash.

    • XOut ArrowPro Tip: Spot treat problem areas on face and body by leaving on for 10 minutes.
    Wash-in Treatment - Spot Treatment
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Spot Corrector

Helps heal existing acne by unclogging pores and prevents new breakouts from forming.

  • XOut Arrow6% Sulfur is prescription strength, fast acting and goes on clear.
  • XOut Arrow Ideal for on the go because no one will know.
  • XOut Arrow Pro Tip: Use on chest, back and shoulders after a workout.
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Daily Body Scrub

An exfoliating gentle wash that keeps pores clear.

  • XOut Arrow2% Salicylic acid dissolves impurities.
  • XOut Arrow Use every time you shower to help prevent and treat acne.
  • XOut ArrowFresh citrus scent.
  • XOut Arrow Pro Tip: Can be used on face for a deeper exfoliation as needed.
Daily Body Scrub
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Power Cleansing Brush

Use 1x per week with cleanser to clear away acne-causing debris.

  • XOut Arrow5 Layers of deep cleansing power.
  • XOut Arrow360º Rotation for easy use all over.
  • XOut ArrowFor custom exfoliation press on/off switch once for low speed, twice for high speed rotation.
  • XOut Arrow Pro Tip: Use before shaving to exfoliate and help prevent ingrown hairs.
Power Cleansing Brush
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